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As the nature of my content may not survive on this platform, I am not using it to promote my brand. On the other hand, messages are open, and interaction is encouraged.


Keep yourself updated and follow me on Baraag, where I deliver the updates and post all of my free content, unfiltered and raw.Proceed at your peril, but most importantly, enjoy yourself. 💦


Ask me anything and remain anonymous. On Curiouscat, I will solve any doubts and respond with transparency. There's nothing too bold to ask... right?


Let's talk!
There are multiple ways we can get in touch. I pay attention to Twitter's and Baraag's private messages, but I suggest you these options:

  • Discord


  • Guilded


  • EMail


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Unwatermarked, unfiltered, pure filth. Alternative versions. Access to private chat rooms, live streams, and more.


PIXIV Fanbox

An alternative for Subscribestar. Same content, alternative paying method. On Pixiv FANBOX, I deliver the same experience: Unwatermarked, unfiltered, pure filth, and more. 😉


This is how it's done.

Badass and mercy

Create your own animation.Describe your idea, and I'll turn it into reality. You determine the scene, the number of characters, the duration, and the genre. You set the boundaries.

Thanks for reading, fellow deviant.
Have a great wank! 💖✊💦